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We brought Fever-Tree to the Portuguese social networks

Founded in 2004 in the UK, Fever-Tree it’s a British producer of premium mixers, most known for its tonic water. The success in the British market brought Fever-Tree to Portugal and it’s now one of the main mixers choices at bars and restaurants.

Allby was reached by Fever-Tree with one request: to create a strategy and a visual identity that spoke with the Portuguese market so they could increase its popularity in the country.In this way, we’ve created a strategy based on the communication concept used internationally, ‘#mix with the best’, giving Fever-Tree a lifestyle positioning: ‘Life’s better when you #mixwiththebest’.With an editorial plan, we gave life to this lifestyle through design and copywriting on their social media posts.

In just three months, Fever-Tree reached almost 300,000 impressions of our content, with an 100% organic strategy.